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    Coronavirus - please note that all face to face training sessions and workshops have been suspended

    Karen Blakeman offers training and advice on finding quality information on the Internet. She provides a range of publications and services including:

    • training on advanced search techniques, deep web and dark web searching
    • workshops on sources of business information
    • consultancy and training on social networks and collaborative tools
    • tracking down information on companies, industries and markets
    • articles on search strategies

    Seminars and workshops

    A selection of past presentations are available for download from Slideshare and authorSTREAM.

    Examples of presentations on advanced search

    Presentations available on authorSTREAM

    Search Strategies

    Free fact sheets and strategies for more effective searching.

    Business Information on the Internet

    Evaluated listings of key business resources including company information, share price information, news and industry sectors.

    Research and information services

    If you are looking for information on companies, industry sectors or the latest research on a topic, I can help. I can source information for you or conduct research on your behalf.


    News and views on search tools, social media and sources of business information.

    Cookies and privacy

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